VFW Huff Post 5150

1. What is BoatRides4Vets? BoatRides4Vets is a fun day on the water fishing, cruising, tubing, etc. pairing Loudon County U.S. military veterans and any of their family members with a volunteer boat owner. It is being sponsored by VFW Post 5150, Loudon, TN.
2. When is the BoatRides4Vets event? Saturday, July 25, 2015. The rain date is one week later.

3. Is there any cost to the veteran and his family? No.

4. What happens at a typical BoatRides4Vets day? A typical day begins @ 9am at a cooperating marina when veterans rendezvous with the boat owners and their boats. After execution of liability waivers, veterans will be paired with an appropriate watercraft. For example, if a veteran shows up with several young grandchildren in tow, they'll probably be assigned to a pontoon boat or a larger cruiser. If a single veteran shows up with fishing tackle in hand, he'll be paired up with an appropriate fishing boat and captain. As each assignment is made, the veteran will be introduced to his boat captain and ... away they go!!! A typical Boats4Vets day concludes @ 4pm when everyone returns to the original rendezvous point. At that time beverages are available and sometimes a simple supper or picnic are available.

5. What would co-sponsorship of this event mean for my organization/company? 1st, you would be asked to publicize the Boats4Vets event. 2nd, your co-sponsorship would mean good publicity for your organization/company. 3rd, at the discretion of the rendezvous venue, you may be permitted to set up a table or kiosk highlighting and recruiting for your organization/company. 4th, if any expenses occur, you would have the option of underwriting them.

6. What is the rendezvous point for the BoatRides4Vets event? WindRiver Marina, Lenoir City, TN will host the event.

7. What type of boats are needed and do I have to be a veteran to volunteer my boat and services? All types of boats are needed and boat captains/owners do not have to be veterans.

8. How can I participate, if I don't have a boat? If you're a veteran, you are cordially invited to spend a day on the water. If you don't want to do that, we're going to need lots of boots-on-the-ground help, too.

9. What's the best way to contact Boats4Vets?
Send an email to boats4vets37774@aol.com or call 865-458-2792 or use our registration forms above.